“Venda Sexy”
21. December 2017

This photo is part of my Exhibition ” Torture Isn’t Talked About” that will be shown in September-October 2018.

The house in the street Irán 3037 was divided in three floors and it was surrounded by a garden. The estate acted as a prison between June 1974 and November 1975. It was called “Venda Sexy” for the sexual abuse that the inmates suffered during the detention. Another name that was given to the estate was “La Discothéque” for the music that was played when the inmates were tortured. Around 270 women and men were tortured and mistreated in the “Sexy Bandage”, 32 are still missing.
Foto: © José Jose Giribas
Torture house “Venda Sexy” in Santiago, Chile, 2016/19/10.